Classic cars and motorcycles have been my passion for over 3 decades...

The wife and I have spent 30 years owning, buying, selling, trading and restoring cars, motorcycles and even a couple of boats. Spent many a night and weekend busting knuckles, sweating and even bleed a bit here and there to make these "toys" all our own. We would get one finished, enjoy it for a small time and move on to the next one. Funny thing is we only owned one at a time but there was a lot of them. I hope to take my knowledge and my certification with the Union of Certified Auto Appraisers to give our customers a accurate inspection and/or appraisal of any vehicle.

We handle all forms of Pre-Purchase Inspections, Prior to Loss Inspections, Fair Market Value, Diminished Value, Insurance, Donation, Finance and Legal. We can also help you find the vehicle of your dreams or assist you in selling your personal vehicles

We are also doing restoration work on all types of vehicles specializing in 1970's motorcycles.